About us

Where it all started…

We were a bunch of mavericks on the college campus.  We were all doing visual communication course. In the beginning, we were not known to each other. Nevertheless, as time passed, we came to know each other. In addition, the common link between us was something uncommon. That is the craze for video games, videos and of course video editing. Soon we started talking about the intricacies of the entire spectrum of videos.

editing videoThat was beginning for something big. That is the birth of Poweroid. After the college, we all chose different routes but all related to video production and editing. By some magnetic force, we all joined hands to start this video editing company. By then each had an enviable track record and the cumulative experience we had surpassed most of our competitors.

We were sure of one more thing. We wanted to give the clients something a little more than what they wanted us to give. Something unique and not run of the mill stuff is what we come out with.

We are happy to look back a couple of years we are in operation. Those years are highly rewarding. The surge of the clientele was spontaneous. In addition, word of mouth spread bringing in more customers.

We laughed at our crazy ideas initially. However, as the time passed self-criticism and group criticism made our video editing is head turning.  We soon realized that the craze is worthwhile.

And we all burned the midnight oil to acquire new cutting-edge technologies to compete with the giants in this field. True, we are being called as queer people with weird ideas. And believe us, we do enjoy that comment wholeheartedly.

  • Make your project unique.
  • Offer the best competitive pricing.
  • Revision as required by the clientele.
  • Safeguard your privacy, identity and intelligence property right.
  • Comprehensive coverage of all formats.
  • Completely transparent transactions.
  • We focused on following strategies:
  • Each video edited to your taste and style.
  • Hourly billing

Package editing

  • Special wedding video editing
  • Initial draft for approval
  • Final-icons-04-compressor
  • While maintaining the stability of the video, add titles and transitions

We offer a range of video editing services as per your requirement. We will build a story around your videos with required copyright free music, color grading and effects. Leave the job to us; our handpicked editors will do the rest. We are comfortable in editing of

  • Corporate Video,
  • Holiday Video,
  • Family Video or for that matter,
  • Any Video for that matter.

We are at your disposal. Come and experience an in video editing. We shall make something mediocre to remember. Something extraordinary for you to relish and the viewers to remember

Even though bit selfish, we get satisfaction from seeing the smile on your face. In addition, we breathe in life to your videos. We prefer to work along with you, all the way to the top.