Per Editing Hour

Quality is what we stand for

Transparency is what is what we are proud of besides of course editing the videos in an extemporary Write a text about the per hour editing service that we offer

By the per hour video editing service we provide, the entire process becomes an open book. No. you will not be burdened with any additional bills. You will know what exactly the quantum of work being charged as more hidden costs and no more surprise bills or for that matter you won’t even be burdened well a the progress as if you watch a football commentary. Sometimes we are merciless with your videos during editing.

When we make a contract with you, we would invariably let you know the exact scope of work we would undertake on your videos. We love to take a leaf out of our experience and can tell what the clients want. They ask typical questions like if you work in design or video (photography, Photoshop, web design, flash) how much you charge per hour.

We do appreciate your concern for quality and shall endeavor to live with that in mind.

Often they specify the location and insist on online creative editing. The request for per hour assignments come from all possible departments and divisions like marketing departments, art directors as well as creative directors.

As a rule, they want a fast turnout at the least time. We are happy to meet the challenge with pleasure. The per editing hour editing is an advantage to you in many respects.

Many times, the request come advertisement agencies at the last minute for editing the presentations. The communication channel mostly does not open up as we would like to function. But here too our experience counts. Yes, we can reasonably assess your requirement in real terms.

The hourly working arrangement has one more advantage. That is the clients knows where precisely the lacuna is. They can tell you where you need to concentrate and where you have to correct. This arrangement brings out what the client wanted but could not express comprehensively.

We can even boast a bit that our rates on per hour billing are quite competitive. We do not compromise on quality in any way to increase the billing hours. We would like to work closely with the clients and bring out some latent factors that would have been left out inadvertently.

The perspective and attitude of ours to the job undertaken by us makes all the difference. Quality is our passion and perfection is in our blood.

We ask retrospectively many questions on how to help you to get the best videos. We ponder on the idea of the right format too.